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Site News

2009-02-16 - Accounts

For those that previously had user or admin accounts on my site, you can use those to login to the Wiki. The HTTP Auth extension for MediaWiki allows me to use the same accounts for authentication. MediaWiki will automatically create your account if it doesn't exist.

2009-02-16 - Site Redesign

My site is going through a redesign again. I am switching it over to MediaWiki. I think it will make it easier for me to add articles. WordPress is good for blogging, but can be a little difficult for writing technical articles.

2009-06-14 - PHP Caching

This site is now using PHP Caching to help speedup web browsing. Read about it here.

2010-02-08 - MySQL Tweaking

MediaWiki should be a bit snappier now. I found a guide on the internet to help with MySQL Tweaking.

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Article Categories

3D Printing Articles

Adventures in 3D printing!

Cisco Articles

Cisco ASA/Router/Switch configuration examples and other useful notes.

Linux Articles

Linux and Unix related articles.

VMware Articles

VMware notes and other resources

Wiki Articles

Wiki modifications and configuration

Windows Articles

Windows related articles.

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